Buena Park Nursing center

Hi All,

Sorry its been a while since we have made any new posts but that is a good thing.

Frank has been doing well but he has a new home in Nov. 2013 Frank moved into a new facility the Buena Park Nursing center so he could be closer to Sydney.   For those of you that live close it is off the 91 between Knott and Beach.

Buena Park Nursing Center     8520 Western Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620

Phone:(714) 828-8222
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Great news!

Hi All,

I just got back from Frank’s oncologist office and his latest cancer test came back negative!

Thanks for all the calls and prayers.



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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi All,

Good news!    We met with Franks oncologist yesterday and he is cancer free!   It has been over a year since he was last tested and with the aggressive type of cancer he has we are happy to hear there are no signs of its return.

As you know he has been in and out of the hospital a couple times recently with complications related to his addison’s disease.    When he gets an infection it messes with his adrenal system so after he is given antibiotics he gets back to normal.

Hope you everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


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Frank Update

Hi All,


Frank was back in the hospital for 10 day’s due to a very high potassium level which is caused by the type of behavior medication he is taking and his Addison’s disease.

While in the hospital his good hand became infected were the port was located to do blood work.

He went back at Community Extended Care on Friday night and is doing well.


All in all he is in good spirits!


There are 2 way’s to reach him.


Cell # 760 774-9985

Community Extended Care 909 621-4751


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July Update

Hi All,

Not much new to report I think that is good news.    All in all Frank is doing well.    His progress on the walking front has not improved much.   He has a visit at the end of July with a neurologist at Loma Linda that will take a look at were he is at and were to go from here.

I am going to have Frank stay in the desert with me the weekend of July 14th.  Sydney, Julie, Rob and Cole are coming down for a day in the pool and cook out!

Frank’s long time friend Petra came for a visit last week.   She lived next door to Frank in Huntington Beach.

See Pic.

That’s it for now!


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Frank’s Birthday


Hi All,

Sorry its been so long but we have all been busy.

Frank’s birthday was May, 6th and we spent the day in Huntington Beach with Sydney, Julie & Cole.

After some time on the pier we had lunch at Duke’s an Hawaiian restaurant.


Frank’s cell # 760-774-9985

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Cell Phone

Hi All,
Just a quick update.  Frank has been doing well.   He has been on some new medication that he started in mid January that has helped with some of the behavior issues we have been dealing with.
He continues to make slow steady progress with his walking and rang of motion with his left arm.
I have recovered his cell phone from the laundry room and its back in action!
Call him anytime but do not leave messages as he does not retrieve his voice mails.


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